Media Diet – September 2023

I watched a single video essay, Art in the Pre-Apocalypse by Jacob Geller. As usual with Jacob Geller video essays I always come away with a lot of food thought.

I also finished Baldur’s Gate 3 which was a game that did get a full written review from me. A fantastic time.

I also started and dropped Starfield which was not a good time. It is a Bethesda game in all the good and bad ways. Thoroughly confirmed that I don’t indeed the Bethesda style of game. Meh.

I read a bunch of online articles/essays which you can find linked in reading list 1 and reading list 2. I also read one book while I was on vacation, Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree, nice and cozy read.

I watched some TV shows while on vacation, I watched the second season of Foundation, the first season of Hijack and most of the third season of Ted Lasso. All of these are Apple TV Plus shows which I signed up for one month of to watch Foundation but ended up watching the others.

Season two of Foundation was kinda meh, there were some good bits but overall I continue to be disappointed in the show. Hijack was a very enjoyable thriller. The third season of Ted Lasso has been good so far and is a noticeable improvement from some of the slumps in the second season. I hope they stick the landing with the ending.

That’s all from me this month, see y’all next month.