Review: Baldur’s Gate 3

Official Keyart for Baldur's Gate 3

Every once in a long while I play a video game where in the middle of having a grand ol’ time I have a realization: this is one of those once in a decade kinda experiences right? Like this game is so fucking good! The word “masterpiece” gets thrown out a lot in media reviews but I truly believe this is one of the best games I’ve ever played and if there is one title deserving of the word “masterpiece”, it is this one.

A game where after spending approximately 84 hours in my first playthrough I am thinking of just starting another one with a completely different character to see what that experience is like. This game has been on mind for the last weeks and I expect it to be in my thoughts in the years to come.

Now let’s get into it.

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Reading List 1

I am once again trying to read more of the articles, posts, essays that I find interesting and keep adding to read later queue only to be forgotten about. As part of the effort I am starting this new category of post on my blog where I share the things I’ve read in list form. To keep things nice and ordered, I am going to be numbering these, starting at 1. Whenever I have five or more things I’ve read I’ll do one of these.

Okay, now onward to the links in this first reading list post.

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Media Diet – August 2023

This month started off with some more movies, I watched Minority Report, My Neighbor Totoro, Suzume, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. All of these were quite good in their own way and I continue to enjoy my journey through the world of Studio Ghibli movies.

I also watched a bunch of video essays this week starting off with The World Is Not Ending by Sophie From Mars and continuing with Conspiracy on the Left along with a few others like her Resimania series. I have become a big fan of her work and I have added her to the list of folks I support on Patreon.

Speaking of video essays I also watched Sovereign Citizens: Pseudolaw & Disorder by münecat, YouTube has been recommending this particular video to me for a while but I’ve only now gotten around to watching it. It’s good!

Other than that, a lot of my free time this past month has been taken up by playing Baldur’s Gate 3. What a game. Just might be the best video game RPG I’ve ever played. I am slowly nearing the end of my first campaign and I’m looking forward to writing something longer about the game when I’m done.

That’s all from me this month, see y’all next month!