What I’ve Read This Week (April 11 2022 to April 17 2022)

packetcat reads 2022 Week 14 – The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Pages: 556
Purchased from: Kobo

Meandering and confusing, this one is filled with way too many threads spanning multiple timelines leading to a tangled mess that doesn’t entirely get untangled by the time the end approached.

The book needed some more editing to make the narrative a bit tighter because there is an interesting story underneath, there’s just a lot of extraneous stuff on top of it.

packetcat reads 2022 Week 13 – Velocity Weapon by Megan O’Keefe

Pages: 603
Purchased from: Kobo

A perfectly average sci-fi novel. I don’t have anything particularly strong to say about this one. The premise of the novel is the most interesting bit of it and all of that doesn’t come fully into play until the very end of the book which leaves me primed for the sequel.

I did add the sequel to the wishlist but I don’t see myself getting to it anytime soon.

packetcat reads 2022 Week 12 – The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Pages: 373
Purchased from: Kobo

This reimagining of The Iliad is very well written and a easy entertaining read. Greek mythology is not especially an area of interest for me but this book makes me want to read more reimaginings of classic Greek works and specifically more of Madeline’s works.

Did I mention that this book is hella gay? Yeah, it definitely is.

I have another book by Madeline Miller in my wishlist (Circe) and I am definitely planning on reading that at some point in the future.