packetcat reads 2022 Week 34 – The Oleander Sword by Tasha Suri

Pages: 580
Purchased from: Kobo

This one is a sequel to week 11‘s read, I had it preordered. For the most part I enjoyed the sequel. Lots of intrigue and the very sapphic romance that was present in the first book is a constant in this one. My big criticism about this second book is the very “tragic queer” ending. I don’t particularly want to get into spoilers here but the ending left me very disappointed.

I still this sequel is worth reading if you enjoyed the first book but just keep in mind that the ending may be disappointing to you.

packetcat reads 2022 Week 33 – The Soldier by Neal Asher

Pages: 508
Purchased from: Kobo

Did not enjoy this one folks. It is about 200 pages too long and filled with long overly descriptive action scenes with little reprieve in between. Action scenes are fun but making the entire book action scenes makes it exhausting to read.

Also, one of the alien species in the book is literally called “The Species”. Come on, do better than that. You are not Destiny 2, it doesn’t work. It barely works in Destiny, stop it.

packetcat reads 2022 Week 32 – Edges by Linda Nagata

Pages: 441
Purchased from: Kobo

I really like the settting for this book, however the plot execution leaves much to be desired. The characters are boring and don’t get any interesting development over the course of the entire book. The plot also feels like its dragging on for most of the book. It didn’t get mildly interesting until the last quarter of the book. Meh.

packetcat reads 2022 Week 30 – Son of the Storm by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Pages: 586
Purchased from: Kobo

A very intriguing world with interesting characters. However, this one had the problem that first books in a new series sometimes have which is that about half the book is essentially doing worldbuilding. That is not to say that events did not happen in the first half of the book but it definitely felt everything was happening to the service of explaining some aspect of the world. It felt a bit weird.

Regardless of that I would definitely love to read the next book in the series to see what the author does with this world and characters now that a lot of the world building is out of the way.