The Best Video Game Music of 2016

Not only was 2016 a fantastic year for video games, it was also a fantastic year for video game music. As an avid music listener, it would be remiss if I didn’t make a list of some of my favourite video game OSTs of 2016.

These are in no particular order.

Doom (2016) by Mick Gordon

Doom (2016)  is one of the best FPS I’ve played in years.  I would say the absolutely fantastic soundtrack by Mick Gordon is one of the major components in what makes that game so good.

Favourite track(s): Rip & Tear, Bfg Division.

Furi by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper, Kn1ght

I haven’t played Furi. All-boss combat action games are not quite my thing. But having watched people play this game, the soundtrack complements the rhythm like gameplay.

Favourite track(s): Waveshaper – A picture in motion, Lorn – Unraveled.

Oxenfree by scntfc

I started playing Oxenfree, have not finished it yet because I got distracted by other things. An eerie/haunting set of tracks.

Favourite track(s): Beacon Beach, Epiphany Fields, “The Beach, 7AM”.

Honourable mentions

Here is to the future

This post was meant to be posted at the end of December 2016 but here we are in February 2017, oops.

2017 is already shaping up to be a good year for video game music, might I suggest checking out Chipped of the Necrodancer by chipzel or Welcome To The Family by Miracle of Sound?