Introducing Synthicator

For those of you who follow me on Mastodon or Twitter, you’ve likely seen this already but if you are one of those people who prefer RSS, this version of the announcement is for you.

I am super excited to announce the launch of my newsletter Synthicator. Synthicator is a newsletter about all things music and my feelings about music.

For the first time since I started writing things online publicly, I am launching a project where I directly ask people for money to motivate me to continue doing it. I was super nervous about this and I had a lot of self doubt in the preceding months where I was thinking about it.

But as the overused Wayne Gretzy quote says, you miss all the shots you don’t take so I am taking my shot at a paid newsletter, something I’ve never done before.

You can read the first post in the newsletter here. If you do become a paid subscriber, I am truly grateful.

The Value of Music in the Age of Streaming

Nick Heer:

One more thing: I’ve never found CDs or cassette tapes to be particularly valued ways of listening to music. CDs, in particular, are a brittle delivery mechanism for music that sounds basically the same as what you’d get from iTunes. This is only a smidge less corny than talking about the warmth of vinyl and the way it friggin breathes; but, for me, a vinyl record is a fantastic way of expressing the personal value of an album.

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