Musical Hyperfocus – Against the Current

Every once in a while YouTube recommendation algorithm drops something into my feed that I really resonate with. It was a video from the pop punk band Against the Current and it instantly hooked me.

Along with the song itself, I love the vibes in the video. Live performance videos just have that something extra, the crowd clapping along to the beat, cheering, the lights flashing. The energy is transcendental.

Of course, this led me down a rabbit hole of checking out the band’s other videos and songs. I especially love the acoustic version of that won’t save us.

that won’t save us is definitely my favourite song of theirs but I also love their 2021 album fever, and especially the song lullaby.

It’s always nice to discover a new bit of music that you enjoy, especially if its from an artist you’ve never heard before and also a genre that I don’t listen to on the regular.

Here’s a YouTube playlist I made that has my favourite songs of theirs:

P. S – I may also have a bit of a crush on the band’s vocalist 😳