Subscription Fatigue 2: The Good Ones

Reading a blog post on Om Malik’s blog about Americans cancelling streaming service subscriptions reminded me of a blog post I wrote in 2020 titled Subscription Fatigue. I wanted to revisit the topic to hash out how I’m feeling about the topic nowadays.

It is not a surprise to me that as things get more expensive due to inflation and other factors that people start cutting down on non-essentials like streaming services. In some ways I’ve been doing the same but only for non-essentials I don’t care as much about.

One of the overarching goals I didn’t mention in my 2023 Reflections and 2024 Resolutions is that I’m trying to spend money in a more directed thoughtful way.

For example I’ve been in the process of slowly moving my domains over from Gandi to Porkbun purely to reduce the year-to-year cost of maintaining a bunch of domains. I do in fact have more domains than when I posted that blog post in 2020 and the individual renewal cost does add up.

I am moving the expenditure on domains to new subscriptions for things I care about. I subscribed to independent subscription funded news sites like 404 Media and Aftermath. I set up a monthly donation to the Signal Foundation. I became a member of the local Queer Computer Club. I changed my monthly subscription to Kagi to a yearly one as it is my primary search engine nowadays.

Another example of this would be that I set up a yearly subscription to Buttondown‘s Basic plan so I could set up their RSS-to-Email functionality for this blog. I also signed up for a year of Plausible so I can get a idea of what folks like to read on this site. I could have used Google Analytics for free but I didn’t want to feed the Google beast more data.

I have also directed some of my discretionary spending to supporting creators I enjoy; podcasts, YouTubers, streamers. Those are just a few examples.

As far as streaming subscriptions go, most of the ones I have are ones I’ve had for years – Spotify Premium (family plan), YouTube Premium (family plan). I’ve recently added Twitch Turbo to the list because I got sick of seeing ads while browsing streams on Twitch. I really hate ads.

The way I see it nowadays is there are subscriptions I don’t like paying (rent for the apartment), subscriptions I don’t mind paying (domain registrations), and subscriptions I actually want to pay because it supports a cause/service/organization you care about (creators, QCC, donations).

I am trying to direct my subscription spending more on that last category.