My 2023 Albums of the Year

2023 was a weird year for me when it came to music. There were a few albums that made an impact on me but I spent a lot of the year listening to live sets on YouTube. That said, let’s get into the albums that stood out.

Skrillex – Quest For Fire

Every year there is somehow an album in my AOTY list that I could not have predicted would be in it. This year its Skrillex’s album Quest For Fire. The last time I heard any Skrillex was back in the Bangarang era as a teenage. This album is filled with bangers all the way through and it gave me a newfound respect for Skrillex as an artist.

Larry June – The Great Escape

Nobody does luxury rap quite like Larry June. Combined with the production of one of my all time favourite producers The Alchemist, this album is a nice and pleasant listen. As such I ended up listening to it throughout the year whenever I didn’t have anything else to listen to.

Allison Russell – The Returner

I was a fan of Allison’s previous album Outside Child so its not much of a surprise that this album also resonated with me. This album is quite different from that one however. While Outside Child was sad and introspective, The Returner is exuberant and triumphant. This album is brimming with life and its a joy to listen to.

Hania Rani – Ghosts

Sometimes you need some mildly haunting ambient piano music to read a book to. Hania Rani’s latest album fits the bill perfectly. Not much else to say about this one. You can find the album on Bandcamp here.

Laufey – Bewitched

A jazz album to fall asleep to. Laufey’s voice and the style of music in this album sounds like a lullaby. Its just a very comforting album to listen to. Its the musical equivalent of a cozy sweater on a chilly winter day. You can find the album on Bandcamp here.

Taylor Swift – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

The original release of 1989 made me a fan of Taylor so its no surprise that this new version is a AOTY. The Taylor’s version of 1989 at first listen has little to no difference from the original but the improved production quality makes all the difference up for me. The original release I thought had a lot of loudness and seemed like a victim of the loudness wars. This version feels more dynamic and a lot more enjoyable to listen to.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few more albums that I enjoyed but they didn’t make enough of any impact on me to be considered an AOTY.

That’s all from me. See y’all later!