First Impressions: J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole has done it again. I think this one is going to be another platinum with no features.

Favourite tracks

  • Immortal – Hard hitting track about our mortality. Favourite lines:
    Nowadays crime pays like a part time job
    And the drought got me prayin’ for a car time vibe
  • Deja Vu – That “Exchange” beat is fantastic and works really well .
  • Change – Continuing the theme of mortality and death. I love the Ari Lennox bits in the bridge.
  • 4 Your Eyez Only – A nine minute, 4 verse monster with a theme akin to 2Pac’s Letter 2 My Unborn and Words 2 My First Born. This one almost made me cry.

She’s Mine (both Pt. 1 & 2) both get a shout out as well. Deeply personal tracks about his wife and daughter.


If you are looking at the track list right now and comparing it to my favourite lists up there, it is basically the entire album. If you are a hip-hop head, this is probably Christmas coming early.

Yeah, I really like this album. I’m on my third listen as I type this.

2016 has been a really good year for music, damn.