Review: Alan Wake 2

Some official key art from Alan Wake 2.
Some official key art from Alan Wake 2.

First game of the year and first game review of the year! Starting off with a release from late last year: Alan Wake 2 developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing.

I started this game on January 1st, 2024 and finished it on January 13th, 2024 with a total in-game playtime of 23 hours and 14 minutes. Game was purchased from the Epic Games Store and played on PC.

Let’s get into it!

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A Grim Year for Video Games

Luke Plunkett writes for Aftermath:

This has not been a good year for video games. It might look like it on the surface–some great games have been released, and industry mouthpieces will try to tell you everything is wonderful while pointing to commercials and cinematic trailers–but the truth is that 2023 has been defined by one thing: massive, industry-wide layoffs, at a scale I don’t remember seeing even at the height of the global recessions in 2008.

Layoffs Are The Vibe, Luke Plunkett
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Review: Baldur’s Gate 3

Official Keyart for Baldur's Gate 3

Every once in a long while I play a video game where in the middle of having a grand ol’ time I have a realization: this is one of those once in a decade kinda experiences right? Like this game is so fucking good! The word “masterpiece” gets thrown out a lot in media reviews but I truly believe this is one of the best games I’ve ever played and if there is one title deserving of the word “masterpiece”, it is this one.

A game where after spending approximately 84 hours in my first playthrough I am thinking of just starting another one with a completely different character to see what that experience is like. This game has been on mind for the last weeks and I expect it to be in my thoughts in the years to come.

Now let’s get into it.

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