Review: What You Are Looking For is in the Library by Michiko Aoyama

I was looking for something appropriate for the season, something with a cozy vibe. I saw this book on Storygraph‘s “Popular This Week” section and the premise lined up with what I was looking for.

At 253 pages this is a nice and quick read. The format is a series of stories about different people all set in the same world with some recurring characters, namely the librarian. There is a touch of the supernatural in the stories being told but its very much a story based on the realities of our world. The light touch of magic reminded me of Studio Ghibli movies like My Neighbor Totoro.

The book is a English translation of the Japanese original, the translator was Alison Watts. I can’t comment on the quality of the translation as I don’t understand Japanese so I can’t read the original. I am however glad it got translated into English so I could read it.

All in all, a good fall read that doesn’t outstay its welcome and has a light touch of whimsy and magic. Halloween is behind us but I think it would be a fine fit for the upcoming winter (for those of you in the northern hemisphere anyways).

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