A Hug From A Computer

This is a republishing of a post I wrote for my now defunct music newsletter. Substack sucks so the post is here now.

Yesterday, someone mentioned that some types of electronic music feel like getting a hug from a computer. That got me thinking. What kind of music engenders that kind of emotion from me? The first thing that comes to mind are warm synths.

My most favourite example in this category is Daft Punk’s last album Random Access Memories. The synths on this? It is like getting a hug from a friend.

Another example of a slightly different kind of hug would be Boards of Canada’s EP In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country. It is extremely calming. Like the computer going, “hey, its gonna be alright”.

For a more party computer hug kinda vibe the album is Fred again…’s album Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022). All of Fred’s music feels like getting a hug from a computer. It is really quite something.

I also highly recommend his Boiler Room set which is still something I listen to whenever I need some good vibes.

Last but definitely not least. Utada Hikaru’s track Find Love is another favourite in this genre. The beep boops in this one…ahhhhhh

That’s all from me today. What music makes you feel like a hug from a computer?