What I’ve Read This Week (March 8 2021 to March 14 2021)

The existence of browser extensions is one of the various reasons using the web is tolerable day-to-day, extensions like ad blockers, password managers are vital to my day to day browser usage. However it is important to remember the degree of access browser extensions have and to keep extension use minimal to avoid what Brian Krebs talks about in his article about extensions with backdoors in them.

A second article from Brian Krebs about the timeline for the Exchange mass hack that happened this past week. A useful read to understand what happened with that entire situation and when it happened. One of those weeks I’m glad that I’m not a Windows Server admin.

A deep dive comparison between the Snapdragon 888 and the equivalent Samsung Exynos 2100. Qualcomm is still ahead in their processor tech while using the same process node however Samsung is definitely catching up. I hope to see Samsung really compete with Qualcomm in the mobile SOC space because Qualcomm stagnating in it is getting really quite old.

Jason Snell’s piece about trying to find the perfect iOS Markdown writing tool is a reminder of a fairly common situation of trying to find a piece of software for something you want to do but all of the options don’t quite meet all of of the needs. Its tantalizingly close but not quite there.

The post by Alex Russell is an important read for all y’all web developers. He talks about how the baseline for what constitutes a resource per-page budget for a web app/site and how it has changed since 2016 (increases in 4G deployment) and in what it has stayed the same (a lot of Android devices with slower and older processes are still being used). A key reminder:

As always, the devil’s in the footnotes, but the top-line is unchanged: when we construct the digital world to the limits of the best devices, we build a less usable one for the 80+% of the world’s users.

Alex Russell, The Performance Inequality Gap, 2021

That’s all from me folks, see y’all next week!