What I’ve Read This Week (March 1 2021 to March 7 2021)

Here is what I’ve read this week:

The blog post by T0ST is an interesting read but the real shocker is that one of the most popular video games of all time has such an unoptimized code path for years and it has not been resolved yet.

William Woodruff rants about the burden that open source maintainers deal with when it comes to maintaining support for weird architectures. Something to think before the next time you go bug a OSS maintainer about why something isn’t being maintained. Burnout is real folks.

Ben’s post is a very interesting post on the topic of measuring two-way latency in networks that have asymmetric routing paths (like the Internet). The use of NTP for timekeeping accuracy is quite brilliant and he has released the sping tool he made.

The post by Mint about Persona 5: Strikers reminded me of the mental toll of isolation that weighs upon all of us in our current pandemic times.

Michael Oliver talks about the French rap/hip-hop scene and the racial divides within. I found it an interesting read as someone who doesn’t know anything about the French hip-hop scene. This piece was shared on the r/hiphopheads subreddit which is where I found it.

The Dustin Curtis Saga really is a showcase of a customer service failure more than anything else. I feel like the original post by Dustin would never have been written if the first Apple support rep was able to see what the issue was and resolve it.

That’s all from me, see y’all next week!