Bandcamp picks for May 2019

This month’s picks came by pretty early in the month which was pretty nice! And they came by really organically, usually suggestions by friends.

Don’t hesitate to send music on Bandcamp my way, I always appreciate folks sharing music with me!

Peggy Gou – Moment EP

I think I found out about Peggy Gou via a Boiler Room set a while back. Or it might have been another channel. Regardless of my origin of discovery, Peggy Gou is a fantastic house artist. This EP is her first release on her very own record label Gudu Records. Favourite track – Han Pan.

flwrs. – Mae

This atmospheric chillout album was shared to me by my good friend chosa. Good and comfy vibes all around with a cute album cover. Favourite track – Catching Feelings.

Killigrew – Ronin

For those of you who enjoy chillstep, Killigrew should be no stranger to you. This anime themed EP still has that signature Killigrew touch with the slight flavour of lofi hiphop. Favourite track – Hyakkimaru.

Setka – Pink Sea

We return to the warm embraces of future funk. This time a recommendation by Mint. I can’t get enough of the muffled mic effect that seems to be a staple of the future funk genre. So good. Favourite track – Tomodachi.

Mina – Flight Paths

This globe-trotting album was a recommendation from the Bandcamp blog. Collaborations with artists from all over the feel with diverse styles means this album has something for everyone. Favourite track – One Leg. I want to see a choreography video for this track. Seriously, this track will get you moving.