Bandcamp picks for February 2019

Oh damn, its the end of February already. 2019 already feeling like its moving fast. Here are this month’s Bandcamp picks. This month’s theme is instrumentals or mostly music without any significant lyrics/vocals.

Elaquent – Baker’s Dozen

This is Elaquent’s contribution to the Fat Beats “Baker’s Dozen” series . Elaquent gives us some smooth hip-hop instrumentals that have this nice warmth to them. Favourite track – Gotta Put Me On.

Julia Kent – Temporal

Beautiful compositions from cellist and composer Julia Kent. These tracks definitely have a dramatic feel to them. The first track reminds me of certain scenes from the video game The Witcher 3. Favourite track – Last Hour Story.

Various Artists – Furi Original Soundtrack

This game’s OST has been in my wishlist for a while now, probably a couple years at this point. Finally decided to actually get my hands on it and I am glad I did! I will never play the game because it is way too difficult for me but I love the music all the same. Favourite tracks – Enraged by Carpenter Brut and Wisdom of rage by Waveshaper.

The Alchemist – Paris x La x Bruxelles Instrumentals

Legendary producer The Alchemist needs no introduction but this is as good as any. A series of smooth instrumentals with a French theme interleaved through them. Favourite track – Montre Suisse Instrumental.