Bandcamp picks for January 2019

Happy new year! Our first Bandcamp picks post of 2019 and I’ve got some really nice stuff for y’all so let’s get started!

Chipzel – Chipped of the NecroDancer

This one has been in my wishlist for ages and I’m glad I finally got around to buying ti! A chiptune remix of the Crypt of the NecroDancer OST by the very talented Chipzel. Favourite track – Mausoleum Mash (1-3 Remix).

park hye jin – IF U WANT IT

This one is by far my most favourite pick this month. A masterfully produced deep house EP debut by South Korean artist park hye jin. Discovered it via a post on the Bandcamp blog. All the tracks have such a nice warmth to them, perfect for cold winter days. Favourite track – ABC.

Tiempp De Maledad – Soufi

It seems I am a sucker for Middle Eastern influences in music and if it is combined with some well produced house, oh my. I discovered this EP via post on the Bandcamp blog about Nein Records.  Favourite track – Soufi.


More future funk! This one discovered via Mint. My interest in the future funk is growing so expect to see more such picks as I discover them. Favourite track – I Wanna Be With You.

City Girl – Somnolent Nova

City Girl makes a return appearance! This time with a brand new album which is absolutely a fantastic series of chillhop tracks. Favourite track – Motionless.