Bandcamp picks for October 2018

This is a new thing I am trying as part of my efforts to use Bandcamp to discover more music. This will be a monthly post format with embeds of the music I buy on Bandcamp that month. Each embed will also have a short description/review written by myself.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Mi Vida Local by Atmosphere

The first in the list today is one of my most favourite hip-hop albums this year. Atmosphere’s Mi Vida Local is a very personal album with Slug’s unique production and Ant’s lyrics. I cannot stress the unique production enough, you don’t really hear production like this elsewhere and it works just perfectly with the lyrics. My most favourite track on this is Virgo.

Isolated Incidents by endless state machine

I am not sure how to describe this one, other than hopeful electronic music. And in this time, we surely do need more of that. Thanks endless state machine aka Slime Tom! My most favourite track on this is Hope.

4 Track:1 EP by shugsy

Some warm electronic music from shugsy reminiscent of music from artists like Boards of Canada and woob. My most favourite track on this is Don’t Tell Heidi.

PC LOVE LETTER by Esselfortium

Smoky vaporwave from one of my new favourite artists, Esselfortium. My most favourite track on this is Liminal Space.

Transmission Control: Music from Subserial Network by Esselfortium

Another one from Esselfortium! This one is from the lovely game Subserial Network by Aether Interactive. Go check out both the game and its soundtrack. My most favourite track on this is September Eternal.

Nicky Flowers by Nicky Flowers

If you like synthpop, go checkout the couple tracks available electronic music producer Nicky Flowers. Reserving favourite track mention until the album is out!