Things I read in Week 31 of 2018

Let’s keep doing this, I am enjoying the weekly routine of posting these.

Maybe I should make it official and put it in my to-do list app of choice (Todoist BTW).

Things I read in Week 30 of 2018

Continuing to do my weekly link posts of stuff I’ve read. Y’all think I should add some commentary to each link or let them stand on their own?

Hit me up on Mastodon or via e-mail with feedback.

Things I read in Week 29 of 2018

Trying out a new thing where I do a weekly post about stuff I have read online.

The purpose of this is two-fold: post on this blog more and keeping my unread queue in Pinboard nice and clear.

I’ll probably be scheduling these posts to go live on the Sunday of the week in question.

So without further ado:

A quick shout out to The Outline

On Monday, Joshua Topolsky’s latest project The Outline launched and I would just like to congratulate them on their launch.

I recommend reading the post I linked to see what it is all about but I will just say that if you are into reading excellent stories from some very talented people, you definitely want to check them out.

Also, you should be subscribing to Leah Finnegan’s The Outline newsletter; this week is about killing your idols.