Reading List 12

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I think I need to make a specific bookmark folder for AI polemics at this point. There are a bunch of them and I want to collect them all like they are some kind of polemics Pokemon.

None of this is inevitable. I’d even argue it’s pretty unlikely; we’re already seeing signs of AI faltering. We don’t have to fall for this again! Lock the doors, draw the blinds, and stop slurping up their bullshit. If anyone should be able to see what a bad idea this is, it’s journalists.

Riley MacLeod in “Stop Letting Them In The House”

Space is hard, doing computers in space is harder. I hope JPL can save Voyager 1.

When it comes time to send up more commands to try to save Voyager 1, operators at JPL will have to wait more than 45 hours to get a response. The spacecraft’s vast distance and position in the southern sky require NASA to use the largest 230-foot (70-meter) antenna at a Deep Space Network tracking site in Australia, one of the network’s most in-demand antennas.

Stephen Clark in “Humanity’s most distant space probe jeopardized by computer glitch”

On the importance of dealing with death.

If Toronto is going to address the decade-long warnings about its rapidly dwindling burial space, we’re going to need to learn from the Kim Hunters and Nicole Hansons of the world, professionals who deal with the dead with respect and pragmatism. We’re going to need to get comfortable with death—talking about it, planning for it, making room for it, and yes, being in proximity to it. Hunter’s been learning this since the first funeral he can remember, at age six. “You have to face these kinds of things,” he says. “It’s part of the whole evolution of our lives.”

Inori Roy in Death and the Salesmen

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