Reading List 8

I am in between books at the moment so I took the opportunity on this bitterly cold Monday morning to clear out what’s piled up in my unread queue since November 2023 plus a few more recently published articles.

If you missed the last reading list, you can find it here.



The Arkady Martine essay was one that I had apparently read in 2019 but completely forgotten about. It was resurfaced by Eli on his blog recently. I am glad to have reread it, Arkady is a wonderful writer and it is a good read.

The essay by Rebecca Solnit inspired a whole another blog post, one of the most personal I’ve written for this blog. I am grateful for the inspiration.

The essays by Chuck Wendig, Emily Gorcenski, and Dan McQuillan echo my thoughts on the current fad in technology. One of these days I’ll get around to writing my own essay on the topic. But for now, those are worth a read.

That’s all from me, see y’all next time!