The packetcat Combined Media Challenge of 2024

In 2022, I did a challenge where I read one book a week and in the spirit of that challenge I am going to be doing a slightly different challenge in 2024. I am calling it the Combined Media Challenge.

The challenge is to: read a minimum of one book a month, watch one movie a month, play one video game a month. Since the spirit of the challenge is to find new media to widen my horizons, all of the media should be something I haven’t read/watched/played before.

Bonus points if I write a review of each piece of media that read/watched/played for this blog. A side goal is to also improve my ability to critique media and writing reviews will help with that.

In addition to reviews I’ll also be using Storygraph to log books, Letterboxd to log movies and for the first time ever using a service called Backloggd to log video games. If you use any of these services, feel free to add me on them.

Here’s to a 2024 filled with wonderful media!