Reading List 4

It’s a cloudy and windy day here in Toronto with a temperature of 6C (42.8F). This time around I am writing this while sitting at my desk at home. I’ve spent the morning after breakfast going through my unread queue in Inoreader while my playlist of “Just the Instrumentals Please” plays. It really is a ideal day for staying indoors and catching up on some reading.

Before I do my usual list of links, I did read two books this month that I’d like to mention. The first was Heroic Hearts, a collection of fantasy short stories edited by Jim Butcher and Kerri Hughes. The second was On Antisemitism, a collection of essays from various authors on the topic of Palestine activism and antisemitism, put together by the Jewish Voice for Peace. That was research reading for a blog post I wrote for the Ten Forward blog which you can read here.

Oh also, in case you missed the last reading list, you can find it here.



Whew, that’s a lot of links! There’s just been a lot of stuff piled up in my read later queue that I needed to catch up on, and there’s still twelve more links in there that I’ll be reading throughout the next month.

I’d like to highlight the good work the folks over at 404 Media are doing, I am glad to be a paid subscriber. Over at Rock Paper Shotgun, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell is a new favourite of mine with his writing style. The Local continues to do through interesting articles about life and politics in Toronto. Geoff Huston continues to write fascinating things about the ways the plumbing of the internet shifts around and changes form.

As far as personal blogs go, I continue to enjoy reading David Smith’s thoughtful commentary on iOS development and Riccardo Mori’s pointed critique of Apple.

That’s all from me this time, see y’all next time.