Reading List 3

Fall is properly here in Toronto and I am very much enjoying it, even the rain.

I write this post sitting at Dineen Coffee in downtown Toronto, this cafe was recommended to me by my sister. I am enjoying a nice matcha latte. I’m really into matcha these days.

Alright let’s get into the links!



If you are a game developer the essay by prophetgoddess regarding building custom engines is worth a read.. If you are a hip-hop head like me, you should check out the article about Villano Antillano and then go listen to her music.

Computer nerds who use iOS/iPadOS, you should be reading Federico’s review, he always done a fantastic job with those.

Torontonians, I’ll re-up my recommendation to read The Local, it is well worth your time.

Last but not least, Eben Moglen is a terrible fucking person.