Fuck Reddit

I have been winding down my use of Reddit for the last few years. I was subscribed to increasingly fewer subreddits. By the time I deleted my Reddit account earlier this week, my apathy towards Reddit as a company had turned into active dislike and anger. From their treatment of their third party developers to the treatment of the users that make up the actual value of their site.

See also – Reddit API AMA and User Revolt and As the Reddit war rages on, community trust is the casualty.

For a while there I thought I would delete my account when Reddit Enhancement Suite finally stopped working but Reddit CEO Steve Huffman moved up the timeline for me in a significant way. What a fucking trash fire. Poor leadership on all fronts.

So I say to everyone: leave Reddit. Delete your subreddits and accounts. Delete all the posts in your account before you delete your account. Leave no value for the voracious vultures running the platform. Let Reddit be another body in the graveyard of internet social platforms that didn’t understand where the value in their platforms came from.

Fuck Reddit.