Review – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Every once in a while I watch something on a whim, something that I did not plan on watching. I was sleep deprived and extremely tired, so I decided to eat some pasta, drink a beer and…watch Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

My previous experience with the Cyberpunk franchise was the video game Cyberpunk: 2077 which I liked well enough to put on my 2022 GOTY list. So at least I had a base level familiarity with the setting of this show. I think this show will be enjoyable even if one hasn’t engaged with other Cyberpunk media. At the very least, the gorgeous animation and visuals on display is enough to keep one’s interest. Studio Trigger really did a fantastic job on this one.

The other big thing I enjoyed in this show were the character designs, every main character is very unique and visually interesting. The show also moves fast. Each episode is about 25-30 minutes long and there are only 10 of them so there are no wasted/filler episodes in this show. As someone who has trouble getting into and finishing longer shows I find that refreshing and I finished the show in a couple days. I don’t think the narrative here is extraordinary or mind-blowing but it was enough to keep me invested about the fate of these characters.

All in all, this one gets a recommendation for me. Gorgeous visuals, concise no nonsense narrative. Perfect for a quick weekend watch or…for occasional insomniacs like me who need something to pass the time with.