Review – The Witcher: Blood Origin

I have been a fan of the world of the The Witcher ever since played The Witcher 3 back in 2016. I liked that game so much I put it on my list of my video games of the decade for 2009-2019.

So I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I am also a fan of The Witcher TV show. So when I found out about the little side story of Blood Origin I was immediately interested. My interest in it was doubled when I found out Michelle Yeoh of Star Trek: Discovery and Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) fame was going to be playing a character in it.

Blood Origin was….fine. I don’t it was particularly mind-blowing nor was it bad. I liked the casting and the performances were all good. I liked it mostly for the fact that it fills in some backstory to the world of The Witcher. Sure I knew of the Conjunction of the Spheres but I did not know all the little events and characters that led up to it.

Blood Origin also did not outstay its welcome. It was only 4 episodes, a mini-series more than a full blown TV show. I like that. It was a nice little snack for those of us who like The Witcher franchise. I would like to see more stuff like this set in the same universe.

Also put Michelle Yeoh in more stuff and I’ll probably give it a shot even if its something I wouldn’t normally be interested in, just saying.