packetcat reads 2022 Week 43 – A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy I. Lin

Pages: 378
Purchased from: Kobo

A nice YA fantasy with a very interesting world and magic system. Its filled with lots of intrigue and there is of course a romance subplot in here. The romance in this one was honestly one of the least interesting things about the narrative and I found myself more interested in all the rest of it. It is not a badly written romance but it does feel very by the numbers.

I am coming to the realization that while a lot of these YA fantasy novels have romance sub-plots in them, very few YA fantasy authors actually do romance well and I usually find myself uninterested in the romance plots as they feel superficial to the rest of the narrative.

Back to the book at hand, I don’t know if I’ll read the second book in the duology but I am glad I read this one at least. cari is now 4/4 for recommendations!