What I’ve Read This Week (May 3 2021 to May 9 2021)

Adam Leith Gollner writes a thriller about a jailbreak artist. This feels like something out of a thriller novel but it isn’t. It is the real story of a jailbreak artist who loves movies and like to enact robberies and cinematic escapes. This one is worth a read just for the excellent writing, the writer really brings this story to life.

Jim Salter writes a review of the new Plume Superpods, a managed mesh wi-fi system with WiFi 6 capability. Plume’s product is very interesting to me as I’ve been looking at alternatives to my current UniFi setup due to their lax security practices. As far as wi-fi performance goes, Plume is top tier, what concerns me here is the subscription model for what amounts to managed Wi-Fi as a service. I’m not sure it is entirely worth the $99/year for me personally. Additionally, configuring Plume’s products can only be done via their mobile app and not via a web browser which is also a little weird to me. It does seem that Plume’s products are designed for ISPs who want to offload the support side of WiFi service to Plume and not necessarily for tech savvy customers who know how to configure a WiFi access point and know how WiFi works.

Elliot Sang writes a long and very interesting read about the Korean hip-hop group Epik High. I found this a very interesting read about Epik High’s story and also a look into the world of Korean hip-hop which I’m not familiar with. Definitely worth a read if you are into hip-hop. This piece also made me go listen to Epik High’s latest album and its pretty good!

Mint writes a post about the newest PS5 exclusive, Returnal. I am particularly intrigued by this game since its a roguelite which is (generally) a genre I enjoy. Hades was the last roguelite I played which is one of my favourite games of all time so that’s the high bar that has been set for me when it comes to rogue lites. Reading Mint’s review it seems this would be a game I would enjoy for the most part. However I think the lack of a save system in the middle of a run in a game where runs can go an hour plus is absolutely a terrible idea and I’m baffled this got past any sort of player testing. Like Mint, I hope that gets patched in at some point. This is the kind of game I wouldn’t buy a PS5 for but if in the future I did pick one up, I would definitely buy Returnal.

That is all from me this week, see y’all next week!