Thoughts on week 29 of Overwatch League 2020

Here we are, the last week of the regular 2020 season. Its been one hell of a season to say the least. COVID-19 wrecked all the plans that the season had. No homestands for most of the season. Technical issues on broadcast as teams and talent tried to grapple with all the issues that come with doing all of this stuff remotely. Power outages, internet issues, bad mics, random feed freezes, all that fun stuff. Shoutout to all the production crew behind the scene who kept the show going.

Let’s get this post started!

The Games

Because this week’s meta remained the same as the previous week, I’m going to skip the meta section and go straight to the games!

Seoul Dynasty vs London Spitfire [APAC]

This series was an unfortunate one for the London Spitfire. They have lost the last few series against the Seoul Dynasty and this was the closest they got to winning but alas they brought the series to a map 5 tiebreaker and then lost. The Spitfire are the weakest team in the APAC region and I would have loved to seem them end the regular season with a win. Ah well, let’s hope for a better performance in playoffs.

San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign [NA]

This series was…strange. Maps 2 and 3 the Shock looked uncharacteristically bad. Like they were lost in the meta and didn’t know how to execute strategies. Then in map 3 they completely trounced the Atlanta Reign and went on to complete the series with a 3-2 victory. Bizarre.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Los Angeles Valiant [NA]

The last series of the regular season is this classic battle for LA. What a way to end the regular season. The two teams did not disappoint, we had a fantastic 3-2 series on our hands with fantastic performances from both of these teams.

To The Playoffs We Go

Playoffs start on September 3, 2020 so we have a week’s break before the excitement begins.

I am really looking forward to what the meta is going to be in the playoffs and to see if there is the possibility for some of the lower seeded teams to make an upset run through the playoffs.

For now I leave you with:

See y’all in a couple weeks!