Thoughts on week 19 of Overwatch League 2020

We return after a two weeks break into another week of Overwatch League games! There is also some League related news to talk about so let’s get right into it.

News and Blues

The Meta

Going into week 19 the league made some changes to how hero pools work. Hero pools will now be for two weeks instead of one week.

Hero pools in OWL will now last two weeks before rotating, and after each two-week hero pool period, the next two weeks, including the tournament matches, will be played with no hero pool in effect

Summer Showdown: New Schedules, Tournaments, and Hero Pool Changes

As the above linked post mentions, the heroes out of rotation for weeks 19 and 20 are:

  • Echo
  • Sombra
  • D.Va
  • Brigitte

This week we saw a lot of Orisa/Sigma double shield compositons. We also some teams opt into playing more dive like compositions. Genji had a fantastic showing because of the Paris Eternal. We saw some fantastic Tracer gameplay from the likes of Shax on the Los Angeles Valiant.
A clip from the Los Angeles Valiant vs Washington Justice series showing Shax’s Tracer

You love to see it.

The Games

This week’s games were mostly one sided with the exception for one, the series between the Paris Eternal and the Boston Uprising.

Paris Eternal vs Boston Uprising

This match was SP9RK1E’s debut onto the OWL stage and whoo boy what a debut it was. The series itself was very back and forth with stellar performances from both teams culminating in a map 5. This is the series to watch from this week.

Concluding thoughts

All in all, mostly a uneventful week of Overwatch League. I expect things to start heating up in the coming weeks as the Summer Showdown tournament starts.

See y’all next week!