COVID-19 and Overwatch League

So as you will immediately notice there is no weekly thoughts for week 6 of Overwatch League because it did not happen. In fact Overwatch League cancelled all homestands for the months of March and April.

Matches will now be moving online with the first of those starting on March 21. The All-Star tournament was moved to the end of the season and the Midseason Tournament was cancelled.

This also means that the Toronto Defiant homestand I was planning to attend in April has been cancelled. I am bummed out about this as I was very much looking forward to attending but I understand the reasoning here. My ticket was moved to the August homestand and I still want to attend one of these so I’m opting to keep my ticket instead of a refund.

Hero bans pools update

In a Watchpoint segment on Sunday it was revealed that OWL will now be using a weighted selection probability system for picking heroes to ban.

  • Heroes with 10-25% play rate receive one ticket in the selection lottery
  • 25-50% play rate: two tickets
  • 50-75% play rate: three tickets
  • 75%+ play rate: four tickets

This seems like a much better system than the system of every hero above 10% having an equal chance of being picked. I suppose we will finally get to see Mei and D.Va banned with weighted selection probabilities.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Seoul Dynasty can do next week. See y’all in week 7!