35C3 talks that caught my eye

Every year I making a point of going through the CCC’s archives of C3 talks and watching the ones that catch my interest. These are the ones I watched from 2018’s 35C3.

Some thoughts on the linked talks

I would highly recommend everyone watch the talk about Facebook, if you have to pick one from this list to watch, that would be it.

The talk by Xenia about the internet infrastructure in Crimea was personally quite interesting to me. Same with the talk about Telegram.

The talk about the social credit system in China is just a bit scary (okay very scary actually).

The talk about TLS 1.3 by hanno is quite funny, I especially enjoyed the “fun” things that enterprise middleboxes do with TLS. I was saddened to learn that I cannot deploy TLS 1.3 yet as all my servers run Ubuntu 18.04 and that has a version of OpenSSL too old for that!