Link bots and stuff

People on IRC often mention the fact that I often appear to be a automated RSS feed bot. Sometimes you may stop being a troll and wonder where I get all these totally amazing (!) links from.

This is my secret recipe/magic formula/what have you:

  1. Reddit.
    You aren't missing much, its r/linux.
    The subreddit I absolutely despise but can’t stay away from. (Stupidity is amusing.)

    Gems among the trash and what not. Some that I found today:


  2. Fever.
    Whee, world news!
    Whee, world news!

    I recently bought a license for Fever as a replacement for Google Reader and it has been working out great.

    And yes I have more awesome links:

That is it folks (Well, there is the URL buffer in my IRC client, but I’d rather not look in there knowing the stuff fox links to [no, I’m not linking to an example!]).

P.S – Link posts are totally awesome.