These Memories of Ours

Humans have used various tools throughout the ages to augment our long term memories. We painted on cave walls, we wrote on stone tablets, we wrote on parchment & paper, we painted some more, we put our memories into song, we took photographs, we recorded videos, we told our stories to our children as a form of generational memory augmentation.

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A Breath of Fresh Air: A M1 MacBook Air Review

The Preamble

Laptops have historically been a mixed bag for me. My first laptop was a 13 inch MacBook Pro that came with Snow Leopard on it and I used and loved the living hell out of it. It was a solid machine and even though I had my problems with macOS (namely Finder), it didn’t stop me from using that machine. Then when I started university I was given a Lenovo Thinkpad by the university. So I used Windows and those Lenovo Thinkpads for a couple years. I was never particularly a fan of any of them. The trademark Thinkpad TrackPoint did nothing for me and the quality of the screens on these laptops were horrendous. They were not pleasant machines to use.

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