The Curious Case of

After updating two of my iOS devices to iOS 17.1 I noticed some odd DNS queries coming from these devices in my local DNS resolver’s logs.

Oct 29 21:05:54 dnsmasq[1711]: query[A] from
Oct 29 21:05:54 dnsmasq[1711]: cached is NODATA-IPv4

The odd thing here is that does not resolve to anything. All A/AAAA/HTTPS queries for the name return a NOERROR empty response. So what is this endpoint?

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These Memories of Ours

Humans have used various tools throughout the ages to augment our long term memories. We painted on cave walls, we wrote on stone tablets, we wrote on parchment & paper, we painted some more, we put our memories into song, we took photographs, we recorded videos, we told our stories to our children as a form of generational memory augmentation.

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