A Transition

After many years of using asininetech.com as my primary blogging presence on the internet I have decided to change domains to a new one that I think represents me more nowadays.

After months of choice paralysis on what domain should be the new one, I settled on nullrouted.space as the one I wanted to use. I would also like to thank the fediverse for their assistance with my choice!

A new year is almost upon us which to me is a perfect time to make a change like this one.

So without further ado, presenting Nullrouted Space!

For those of y’all who have this site in your feed reader (thank you!), please update your feed reader with the new domain. I have added a all-encompassing redirect from asininetech.com to nullrouted.space so things should work even if you don’t but I recommend updating. The redirect is mostly for things like search URLs and links elsewhere that have the old domain in them.

This is also the first part of the transition to this new domain. The second stage of this will involve a redesign of this site with a fresh new look. That however will take some more time to get going so for now I wanted to get the first stage of the domain name change done.